About Us


As we enter the new millennium, we are at the crossroads with changed perspective of business activities. A growing economy and an open competition have changed our mindset in regard to many parameters of business. Hence today more emphasis is given on Film-making business, Based on strong foundation of improvement,   methodology of expert planning, professional services and better utilization of resources.  Although few new generation directors are trying to display a different story-line and give a new look to the film industry, the maximum audience of the Nepali Film industry are those who prefer the traditional pattern and relate themselves to the movies that shows simple village life. That is why the directors often hesitate to take risk making movies with different taste and story-line.

New generation movie makers however, have come up to make sensible cinema with entertainment rather than Bollywood inspired socio-actions.

Nepali cinema still has not been able to come far away from where it started, in terms of the storyline. However, keeping in mind the interest and choices of younger crowds and to attract their attention and interest towards the industry some new generation directors have been experimenting with the story of the movie.

And, also the involvement of the skilled and professional actors, directors and the crew in the film has resulted in the improvement in the quality and the story of the films. We could say that, at present, the Nepali Cinema is catering to both kinds of its audience – old and new.

The Nepal film industry hasn’t made its own special place in world of cinema until now. We at SHANGRI-LA VIBES will be trying our best to make our industry globally recognized.

SHANGRI-LA VIBES is a company which will be making films with different concepts. The entire creation and our lives are a continuous process of innovation. So the films are the only art form born in the memory of the mankind.  SHANGRI-LA VIBES is a group of people who are passionate about film making and it’s an example to show how excellent excels.

We do not believe in making films just for the sake of it. Film is a medium unparalleled and unmatched, whose ends depend upon the maker. We are makers of film which pick up shells from the coats of life and weave a magic to spellbind the viewers due to their sheer strength of beauty, lucidity, uniqueness, normative, dialogue, compactness, visual astonishment, emotion, superb camerawork, sound, colors, performances and above all, excellence in direction.

International class of film making in almost all genre, is the forte of SHANGRI-LA VIBES. The fine of creative space beckons all at movements to produce films which are powerhouses of imagination portrayed on celluloid.

The main objectives of SHANGRI-LA VIBES. Our Production house is to entertain and win the heart of audience by providing them the fullest of entertainment and the best cinema experience.

When it comes to movie making there need to be some sense in Movie-making and of course the Logic too. It should not be like you open the door and reach Switzerland.

Apart from that we at SHANGRILA VIBES believes in the great plotline rather than the character or twist and turns which are been presented in today’s movies when coming to character no doubt it can be made larger than the life and so the twist and turns wherever you like but the presentation, logic and the flow of the plot in the plotline what matters which is lacking in today’s trend.

Nepali cinema is based on human emotions and relation which depict the Nepalese culture, mutual admiration amongst people and above all the great Nepalese family culture and values, the entertainment factor and musical blend gives it a unique flavor.

Today movie making holds a great business potential, and is more profitable than any other business in the entertainment industry.

We want SHANGRILA VIBES .Our Production house to be considered as a film making industry in itself and hence we are working hard for it.

SHANGRI-LA VIBES is poised to meet new challenges and opportunities with clear vision and well defined strategies.

In Other hand SHANGRI-LA VIBES and its divisions is slowly evolving as an entertainment power house with one stop solution for all your entertainment and event management needs. Corporate Entertainment creates unlimited possibilities to overwhelm shareholders, acquire new clients and position your corporate identity in the market. We, at SHANGRI-LA VIBES, believe in widening the scope within which a corporate can make its presence felt. Product Launches, Conferences, Annual Day, Awards or Theme parties; we give each one that unrivalled treatment to make the event one of its kind.

What makes us different is the precision with which we understand and put together every creative aspect of your requirement. From conceptualizing and designing your event to inventing new concepts and themes, we aim at providing a memorable service.

SHANGRI-LA VIBES is a KATHMANDU based entertainment & production company working in following areas:-

  • Film Production
  • Theatre Shows/Performances
  • Portfolio/Products Shoots
  • Acting Classes
  • Artist Managements
  • Corporate/Private Events
  • Exhibition & Seminar
  • Ad Film Production
  • Product Release Celebrations
  • TV Program Shoots
  • Innovative Entertainment Solutions